What is One Hull of a Rainforest?

One Hull of a Rainforest’ is a project started by a group of primary school teachers, with the vision of inspiring the children of Hull through a sustainable curriculum and direct action.

The Maquipucuna Reserve is a privately owned reserve covering over 6,000 hectares in North Eastern Ecuador, and the area in which it is in is ranked as one of the world’s top five “biodiversity hotspots”. The reserve harbours an astonishing array of life – over 2000 species of plants have been identified, alongside more than 350 species of birds, 45 species of mammals and countless invertebrates.

Maquipucuna is pioneering projects to restore deforested areas around the reserve through sustainable forestry and land management. Native cocoa is planted between areas of land isolated though illegal logging, allowing animals to move in safety to find food and mates, while providing the local inhabitants with a sustainable income.

The area is also rich in history, with archaeological evidence for pre-Incan peoples living in and around the area, and ceramics, burial sites, and buried pathways still in evidence in the area.

‘One Hull of a Rainforest’ aims to use the area to drive a rich curriculum based on the principles of sustainability within Hull schools. The study and comparison of our local area to an area will provide opportunities in every subject including literacy, science, history, geography, citizenship, RE, and PSHCE. This will act as a catalyst to drive change in our schools to being more sustainable, minimising waste and sourcing food, equipment and furniture responsibly.

Running alongside this, the project aims to raise approximately £250,000 to enable us to purchase and protect 100 hectares of land which lie adjacent to the Maquipucuna reserve. This would be donated to the foundation to be restored and managed, hopefully supporting the local people through providing a means for sustainable micro-enterprise. If each primary and nursery pupil within the city of Hull was able to raise £12 each, then we would reach our target.

If you need to contact us, then you can email us at hullrainforest@gmail.com.

We may also be able to arrange for one of the group of teachers involved to come to your school to meet relevant members of staff, or for a staff meeting.

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